Frequently asked questions

Is LOKL still open to the neighborhood?

During the "good times," we supported our community by sourcing local food and creating delcious and healthy options for our community, schools, and businesses.
We've chosen to remain open with safety-first as a principle in continuing to serve our community, focusing on online ordering and low-to-zero contact transactions in our store.

We believe that with our strict, elevated standards in food and employee safety, we can continue to provide a neighborhood food and drink option to those who still crave "LOKL" during these difficult times.

What has changed in the kitchen to ensure staff and food safety?

LOKL has invested in several areas to ensure the safety and health of our employees and the safety of food that we make for our neighborhood:
- Strict daily pre-shift and post-shift screening of employees for health
- Mandatory all-day wearing of personal and protective devices by employees
- Regular wipe-down of all surfaces with disinfectant throughout the day
- Hand sanitizer for customers who come into the store
- Curbside pickup and UberEats and GrubHub delivery
- Focus on improvement of hygeine, and contactless processes in the kitchen and with all of our customers

Have your opening hours changed?

Traditionally, we have been open earlier in the morning, but due to the recent macro environment, our schedule has shifted to modified hours, 10am-8pm Sun - Thu, 10am-9pm Fri and Sat. If you're hungry early, you can order food in advance of the store opening here.

Is the Brisket Melt still your best sandwich?

Yes and no. It depends on season, and also what you like to eat. We sell lots of brisket sandwiches in spring and summer time, but the Pressed Tuna Melt and our Famous Chicken Salad Sandwiches are always tough competitors to our brisket all season round. Order one now.

How long will it take for my order to complete?

Whether it is in store orders or online orders, we still try to maintain the order estimates given. Sometimes we do get a large flood that may increase wait times, especially during these tough times.

In order to help with this we try to encourage online ordering and ask that customers try placing orders during non-peak hours and also in bulk to avoid the "lines."

Another idea we like that was passed along by a neighbor, is to place non-peak orders for other neighbors on your street, as that minimizes the number of people coming into the store and contributes to the safety of the community. You might ask your neighbor and say, "I'm picking up some eats from LOKL, could I get you anything?"

What have you done for your employees during "covid-19"?

In line with our principles of employee safety and food safety first in the kitchen, we have given employees the option to self-quarantine and modify or suspend their normal staff schedules, and support the overall initiatives for health and safety in the community.

As a result, our on-staff crew may be running lean during this time, but we can guarantee that those on staff are ready to serve the neighborhood while focusing on safety and delivery clean, healthy food, every day.

How can I show additional support for LOKL?

LOKL like most food businesses is experiencing enormous pressure to survive in this financial and economic crisis. We appreciate the wonderful neighbors who have stopped in to check in with us, and continue to place orders for safe, delicious food.

The gift card program is a chance for you to show additional support by purchasing a card with any dollar value that you can use at the store or online for purchases in advance.

They are also great gifts for other friends and family that you know will enjoy our food and drink now or in the future.

To maintain the stringent health and safety conditions for the store, we are also raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign.

Thank you for supporting our LOKL families and neighborhood.

What time does your dinner menu start?

It starts at 4pm every day. Try our famous LOKL Burger or Salmon Caesar Salad!

Eat good food during tough times.

Order from a menu of safe, healthy selections to help you through.


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